Meet The Chubby Chicks

Once upon a time there were two Chubby ladies. They met each other through a mutual friend out for drinks (SHOCKING) one night. Dione offered to go with Heather to a local vendor show. At the end of the day, the girls grabbed a Pumpkin Patch beer from a local hotspot, and spoke about the day. The beer did flow, and the girls commenced with getting to know each other.

Heather began a story about shopping at the Mall of a America: Upon asking a sales gal at a trendy Boutique if they had any sizes larger than XL, the twiggy teen said "We can't help YOU here". She voiced that she wished someone would start up an affordable local boutique for plus sized ladies. Dione looked at Heather through hazy pumpkin colored glasses and said "So let's do it"! And so the Chubby Chicks were born. Two weeks later we had a business name, business cards, and no idea what we were doing!

The need for affordable clothes for ladies with a little more junk in the their trunk proved to be an untapped local need! Being two stay at home Moms, we can't afford shirts that cost a months worth of diapers, or fabrics that cant stand up to snotty-nosed hugs. We wear everything that we offer, and don't have time to mess around with high maintenance , iron craving, dry-clean needing duds that need more attention than a kid with an M&M up his nose. We have learned to love ourselves, and hope to help other chunky gals realize that they are so much more than the current fashion industry makes you feel.

We love our customers, love our rolls, and love that we are able to provide a much needed service to our local Chubettes. We would love to see you visit us on Main Street I Zumbrota!

After all... We are the BIGGEST little secret in Zumbrota!